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Managing financial risk

Solutions that help mitigate and
alleviate financial risks

Your biggest exposure to risk comes from the world's financial markets, especially if you are a large corporation or financial institution with mainstream international activities. Changing currency values, stock market prices or interest rate levels all carry the potential to impact your performance.

The interest on your borrowing can be affected by interest rate fluctuations. Any contracts you have tied into inflation can be affected by the rate of inflation changing - and even the basket of goods basis on which it's calculated changing.

And, if you're buying or selling overseas, continual changes in exchange rates can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

How we can help

We create solutions that help mitigate and alleviate financial risk. Each solution comes with the support of sophisticated trading capabilities, research and analysis. Whatever you require, a simple solution or a complex arrangement, we can offer specialist services to assist you in managing your risk.

Our Treasury and Investor Solutions teams work in partnership with clients to provide innovative solutions to their foreign exchange risk management needs.

Key features and benefits

  • Hedging, trading, investment and structuring solutions in over 60 currencies
  • We have the capability to execute large-scale transactions without adversely impacting the market
  • Marketing information, analysing, pricing and charting tools are available at
  • We own a market-leading foreign exchange volatility database
  • Customer-tailored solutions
  • Individual briefings available to customers from our team of economists and analysts

Our Treasury and Investor Solutions teams share a detailed understanding of risk modelling and interest rate markets which enable us to provide clients with innovative solutions to their interest rate risk management needs.

Key services

  • We develop an in-depth understanding of individual customers' risk exposure and risk management objectives
  • We apply our detailed understanding of risk modelling to mitigate risks and deliver long term, value-added strategies across a wide range of currencies and maturities
  • We provide a wide range of bespoke tools and applications, including exotic structures
  • We focus on consistency, attractive pricing, value added ideas and creativity
  • Extensive research and analysis at

We specialise in providing tailored solutions to corporate and institutional customers' hedging, trading, investment and structuring needs, providing innovative and value-added ideas.

Key features and benefits

  • Innovative structuring
  • World class trading, sales and execution
  • Research and analysis through The Royal Bank of Scotland at

Research is market focused and designed to offer maximum value to clients with exposures or trading positions in the currency, interest and capital markets. Bespoke research pieces are provided for specific clients, and The Royal Bank of Scotland analysts regularly visit customers to discuss their views either on a one-to-one basis or in a seminar format.