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Making & collecting payments

Offering a range of options for
making and collecting payments

We offer a range of efficient and cost-effective ways to credit your beneficiaries' accounts and a fast efficient and accurate means of collecting payments using BACs

Direct Credit

A reliable and cost-effective way to automate your payments by crediting your beneficiaries' account directly.

Key features and benefits

  • Puts you in control of your cashflow
  • Payments can be made either through the usual 3 day payment cycle or optional same day settlement for time critical payments
  • Your beneficiaries will also have the advantage of cleared funds in their accounts.

Direct crediting via BACs

Direct crediting via BACs is a secure and reliable service, which saves time and money by paying regular outgoings such as fees, wages and salaries directly into bank or building society accounts.

Same Day Value Payments

For time critical payments you can make and settle sterling, euro and dollar payments to other accounts. Payments can be made via your account holding branch or directly from your pc using eQ.

Direct Debiting via BACS

A fast, efficient and accurate means of collecting payments via the BACSTEL-IP link to BACs

Key features and benefits

  • Provides greater control over the timing of funds credited to your organisation's accounts
  • Saves you time and money in sending reminders as payments are automatically collected from your customers' bank accounts
  • Computerised record-keeping provides the means to monitor and control payments efficiently
  • Increases accounting efficiency as you will be able to identify unpaid items quickly
  • Specialists will provide advice on the best solution from the range of services available