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Rapport - For safer banking

Smart protection when you bank online

Criminals are always looking for new ways to steal your identity and take money from your bank account. Luckily, our free software could stop the fraudsters in their tracks.

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Identity theft is growing. Help protect yourself.

We work hard to keep our online banking systems secure. And you do your bit with anti-virus software and a firewall.

However, criminals are getting more and more sophisticated.

What's at stake?

Using hard-to-detect techniques, fraudsters could steal your details when you bank online. Fraudsters do this by tricking you - making you believe you're sending these details to your bank.

In fact, the details could be going straight to the fraudsters instead - even if it looks like you're on your bank's website.

Unfortunately, antivirus software and firewalls alone can't protect you from these attacks.

To help protect you online, we're recommending free security software called Rapport, from the financial security experts at Trusteer.

How Rapport protects you

Rapport works by helping to make sure you really are connected to your bank. This protects your valuable personal information - without slowing down your PC like some security software.

Working alongside your anti-virus software and firewall, Rapport helps to give you as much protection as possible by:

  • Shielding your online banking details from prying eyes
  • Safeguarding your identity
  • Protecting your details, even if your computer is infected

Rapport - a name you can trust

Online banking report

Online Banking Report described Rapport as "a major boost in fraud prevention". They also named Rapport 'Best of the Web'.

Analysts at Frost & Sullivan predict Rapport will "emerge as the primary mode of defence against online identity theft and fraud".

Now all you have to do is download Rapport - and let it protect your computer.

It's always good to have more security on your PC - especially when it's free and it doesn't slow down your machine.

Why choose Rapport?

  • Peace of mind – Rapport tells you that you really are connected to your bank, and not a fraudulent website
  • Protect your passwords – shut out criminals spying on your online banking details
  • Safeguard your identity – identity theft is one of the fastest-growing threats in the UK
  • Well proven – Rapport was developed by the online security experts at Trusteer

Easy to use

  • Ready to protect – the software is ready to protect your online banking with RBS
  • Flexible – you can set up the software to protect any website that uses private or personal data
  • Ahead of the game – Rapport stops fraudsters in their tracks, without relying on constant updates
  • Fast – Rapport is a small piece of software. It's designed to let your computer work just as quickly as before

An extra layer

  • Works alongside antivirus and firewall – simply keep your current protection in place, and enjoy the extra protection of Rapport

Before you download

Check Rapport works with your computer.

Operating SystemBrowser
PC UsersMicrosoft Windows (XP and above)Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Mac UsersOS X 10.6 and above (Intel only)Safari
Mozilla Firefox

Please ensure you read the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) issued by Trusteer during download and installation.

Rapport does not support pre release versions of operating systems and browsers such as - release candidate, beta or alpha/development versions.

For more information please see Trusteer’s website.

Is Trusteer Rapport compatible with screen readers?

Trusteer Rapport will work with some screen readers however some functionality will not be available.

Please visit Trusteer’s website for more details on supported screen readers.

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Why do I need the software?

Traditional security software is good – but it can only do so much.

Rapport goes one step beyond the criminals, to protect your username, password, and other sensitive login information. This prevents malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your information.

The software also protects your online communication – and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions.

However, it’s vital you use Rapport alongside your antivirus software and firewall. It’s not designed to replace your other protection.

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Do I still need antivirus software?

Absolutely. Antivirus software is a vital part of your computer’s defences, and you need to make sure it’s up-to-date. Rapport is designed to work alongside your antivirus software and firewall - it’s not designed to replace them.

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How am I protected?

Firewalls, antivirus software and Rapport work in very different ways:

  • Antivirus – helps to stop threats, by scanning your PC and looking for suspicious files
  • Firewall – hides your computer from attackers, and helps stop criminals getting data in and out of your PC
  • Rapport – locks down the connection between your machine and RBS Digital Banking. It checks our site is genuine, and stops your data going to counterfeit sites

To defend your personal details, you need to use Rapport alongside antivirus software and a firewall.

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Which websites are protected?

When you download the software, it’s already set up to protect you when you use RBS Digital Banking.

However, you can set the software up to protect other websites too.

Visit the Trusteer website to protect other websites

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Does the software work on Macs?

Yes. Rapport is available for Mac users. For more information read the system requirements

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Will it work on my PC?

Yes. Rapport is available for PC users. For more information read the system requirements

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How do I know I’m protected?

You need to look out for the Rapport icon which appears next to your browser’s address bar.

You’re protected – the icon is green when your information is safe:

Internet Explorer address bar

No protection – the icon is grey when Rapport is not safe-guarding your information: - Rapport

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Is my existing security software compatible with Rapport?

Rapport is designed to work alongside your existing antivirus software and firewall - it's not designed to replace them.

Visit the Trusteer website for a complete list of compatible security software.

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I think I’ve been a victim of online fraud. What do I do?

If you think that any of your accounts with us have been accessed online by someone other than yourself - please contact us immediately .

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Does Rapport work with screen reading software?

At the moment, Rapport doesn't work with screen readers. Although you can install Rapport, you have to turn off some of the protection.

However, we're working with the people behind Rapport, to see if they can create a more accessible version.

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I think Rapport is slowing my computer down

Any performance or browser issues experienced immediately following installation of Rapport is most likely a result of software incompatibility or a clash with malware already on your computer.

While Trusteer test Rapport extensively against hundreds of software solutions and do everything they can to prevent, identify and fix such issues, inevitably a few software combinations remain untested.

Trusteer will work with you to resolve the issue you're experiencing.

Visit the Trusteer website, and click 'Live Support Online' on the left hand side of the page to start an online chat with a Trusteer support representative.

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I'm having technical difficulties with Rapport - what should I do?

Rapport may block software that it recognises as a potential threat.

If you remove Rapport it makes it very hard for Trusteer to identify the problem and fix it. Instead, temporarily stop Rapport and then contact a Trusteer support representative.

To stop Rapport on a Windows operating system:

Click Start, select ‘All Programs’, then ‘Trusteer Rapport’, and finally ‘Stop Rapport’.

To stop Rapport on a Mac operating system:

Click System Preferences, select ‘Other’, then ‘Rapport’, and finally ‘Stop Rapport’.

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When I type characters from my keyboard they appear incorrectly on the screen

Rapport encrypts keystrokes from the keyboard driver to the browser. However, if another software program instantly changes keystrokes the moment you type them, Rapport may not be able to decrypt them. As a result you will see incorrect characters on-screen rather than the text you typed.

If you encounter this problem then please follow these instructions:

1. Open Rapport Console:

  • Click the Rapport icon, located next to the browser's address bar, and then click "Open Console", or
  • Click Start, select ‘All Programs’, then ‘Trusteer Rapport’, and finally ‘Rapport Console’.

2. Change the policy by following these steps:

  • Click the green arrow, located at the bottom right of the console
  • Click ‘Edit Policy’
  • Enter the letters as they are shown in the image, and then click ‘OK’.
  • Find ‘Block Kernel Keyloggers’ in the list (note: do not confuse it with the row ‘Block Keyloggers’)
  • Click the drop-down menu next to ‘Block Kernel Keyloggers’ and select ‘Never’
  • Click ‘Save’.

3. In order to effect this change, reboot your computer when convenient to do so.

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I have some additional questions. Who can I ask?

The Trusteer website has answers to lots more questions; please visit Trusteer’s Frequently Asked Questions on Rapport.