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Annual Summary

Annual Summary

As part of our commitment to you, we now provide you with an Annual Summary of any charges, refunds or interest on your current account in the last 12 months.

Your Annual Summary will be included with your statements on the anniversary of the opening of your account.

Summary of charges rates and interest

The first page of your Annual Summary highlights the total amount of charges, refunds and interest you have paid in the last year.

Breakdown of charges and refunds

This section shows any charges or refunds made on your account over the last year. It's a breakdown of the summary from the previous page. You can see what you may have been charged for and any refund you may have received.

If you have a Royalties Cheque account this fee is shown as an annual fee on your statement, however this is paid on a monthly basis.

Breakdown of interest

Here you can see the interest you had paid for either an arranged or unarranged overdraft.

Debit interest and credit interest rates

This section shows the debit and credit interest rates that currently apply to your account. If you do not have an agreed overdraft, this section will only show the credit interest rate.

Can I change the date that I receive my annual summary?

No, unfortunately we can only produce them on the anniversary of your account being opened.

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Can I view my annual summary online even if I get one through the post?

You can get your next Annual Summary digitally. Simply register for online banking and choose to receive Paperless Statements.

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I am unsure about the charges in my Annual Summary, what can I do?

All the charges are explained in the Glossary of terms section within the Annual Summary guide, however if thereís still something youíre unsure of call into your nearest branch or call us using one of the numbers on the reverse of this leaflet. Please note that we will always give you notification before charging your account.

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How often will I get my Annual Summary?

Youíll receive this every 12 months on the anniversary of your account opening.

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There arenít any charges on my Annual Summary - why have I been sent this?

We are sending the Annual Summary out to all customers to highlight any charges that may have occurred on your account. If you haven't incurred any charges then only the interest rates that apply to your account will be shown.

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Are all my charges from the last year on my Annual Summary?

No, only account charges such as overdraft charges will be shown. Charges for other services like stopping a cheque or requesting a CHAPS payment will not be shown. You can find full details of these types of charges on your regular statements.

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Iíve just got my annual summary from another bank, why is it different?

All banks must send a Summary out on an annual basis. As part of our commitment to you, we like to explain our features and charges to you clearly and simply. So, while information in the statement may be similar to what youíve received from other banks, the design of our Annual Summary will be different.

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I have misplaced my annual summary, can I get another copy?

We are unable to produce a copy of the Annual Summary as itís only produced once a year. However, information about charges will be on your regular statement.

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